Teaching Phonemic Awareness, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Phonics, Fluency, and Self-Esteem.

"I am very pleased with the progress my son has made with his vocabulary since we have started using 'Alpha Beat Plus!' I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to give their child a head start in learning their alphabet and numbers."

~ Roderick Cook, Memphis, TN


Educational DVD for kidsLearning with music

Children Learn Best through Motivational Instructions

Positive reinforcement and enthusiasm are the keys to building a child’s confidence. The methodology used in this training is unique, practical and energetic. Our approach to teaching young children has been put into practice and is successfully used in elementary schools and early childhood programs throughout the country. These creative methods have proven to be very successful among teachers, parents, and early childhood recipients for the past sixteen years. motivation is the key to promoting excellence when teaching young children.